1. Ruben Cable Package
    1. 3m Pink & Brown Ethernet cable
  2. Mac Viper Lamp Tool
  3. NFT T-shirt
  4. 42 Logo Hat

GMA2 Education

  • How to find what seq and fix has parameters in
  • Keyword search for names of seq. ie: find stage wash
  • Find what/all seq a fixture is stored in, ie 2336 for stage wash
  • Bring something from blind to programmer
  • Remove a parameter from seq or preset.
  • Pixel Mapping with VPU?

Pin Board To Do’s

Shortish Term

  • jQuery/lightbox login
  • jQuery/lightbox add pin
    • Theme Add form?
  • Add Press This to header
  • fancybox for image enlarge
  • add video capability
  • Remove link to Container H1
    • OnMouseOver Show [e] & [t]


  • Fix CSS for Safari & Chrome
  • Edit button on Pin
    • Now on jQuery
    • remove uneeded items
  • Use tags for “focus” background color
  • Private Boards
  • re-arrange pins
  • Add paging feature to top of board
  • Share button – Email/Twitter/Facebook