CSS Windows

CSS in browser windows.

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text-shadow: -0.06em 0 red, 0.06em 0 cyan;

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Making a WordPress Category Private

This might be a way to include private categories into WP as a function. Thus, relying on the theme and not a plugin.

Making a WordPress Category Private | Logbook.

Uploading images in custom post form

Check out this for building a custom for with image uploader

Uploading images in custom post form – WordPress – Stack Exchange.

YouTube Video Images

Here is the link to the video:

And the Link to the Image:


Custom Post-New in Theme?

Why not take the code from post-new.php and make my own form with custom fields? It will like in the theme folder and thus transferable.

Problem with that, I want the image and video uploader from press this. Got to figure out how to get it out of there!!!!


Welcome to Chill

It uses the same Masnory jQuery. Similar to pintest.

Chill uses an image of the video and then pops out to a lightbox. How to get that image?!?

Welcome to Chill | Chill.

Function Reference/wp login form

Seems as simple as adding thickbox and then calling wp_login_form.

Function Reference/wp login form « WordPress Codex.

Using jQuery to liven up your WordPress login

How to use jQuery to get a thickbox login rather then wp-admin.

Pin Board To Do’s

Shortish Term

  • jQuery/lightbox login
  • jQuery/lightbox add pin
    • Theme Add form?
  • Add Press This to header
  • fancybox for image enlarge
  • add video capability
  • Remove link to Container H1
    • OnMouseOver Show [e] & [t]


  • Fix CSS for Safari & Chrome
  • Edit button on Pin
    • Now on jQuery
    • remove uneeded items
  • Use tags for “focus” background color
  • Private Boards
  • re-arrange pins
  • Add paging feature to top of board
  • Share button – Email/Twitter/Facebook

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A solution for Press it> must read

Masonry jQuery Layout

This is where I got the idea for this layout.