GMA2 Education

  • How to find what seq and fix has parameters in
  • Keyword search for names of seq. ie: find stage wash
  • Find what/all seq a fixture is stored in, ie 2336 for stage wash
  • Bring something from blind to programmer
  • Remove a parameter from seq or preset.
  • Pixel Mapping with VPU?

Stealth Touring Chair

stealth ChairVia:

Snickers 1513 Service Jacket

15130400_service-jacket_Black---0400-width304maxheight304Via: Snickers


grandMA Rack Case

grandMA-case-03 grandMA-case-02 grandMA-case-01

Vader Fader


Stay Up Late


Faucet Valve Night Light

Green LED Faucet Valve night light

Via: Etsy

Ampie Shirt

Something to “barrow”

Mason Jar Lamp

Portable GMA2 onPC Setup

Gio & the Congo